Arsenal teammates live together and 'share wives', says Mikel Arteta


Arsenal F.C. manger Mikel Arteta addressed the altercation on the field between teammates Oleksandr Zinchenko and ben white during the team's last victory over Nottingham Forestjoking that they even “share wives” now, so fans can rest easy.

Arteta, 41, had to separate Zinchenko and White during their dispute. On Friday he told the media that they are good friends and explained that people mainly fight with their loved ones.

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“Yes… They have been in the same house for the last few days sharing wives and everything,” Arteta said. “It's good that they live together now. They are best friends.

“You don't argue with someone if you don't have a good relationship. That happens because you have the trust and chemistry with someone to react the way they did.”

Is Mikel Arteta joking?

While some fans believe Arteta suffered a language barrier moment, others actually took his words to heart, but the truth is that he was most likely joking.

Arteta's joke, however, was a little awkward, considering that some people now think his players are swingers.

None of the players have commented on Arteta's comments. It will be interesting to see how first division The players and their respective wives receive such words.

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