Bayern Munich are making the first move for Giorgi Mamardashvili after missing out on a 2023 deal with Valencia


Giorgi Mamardashvili's situation will be one to watch in the coming weeks. The 23-year-old goalkeeper is off the back of an excellent Euro 2024 campaign with Georgia, meaning his stock is as high as ever – something Valencia will be keenly aware of.

Stole Dimitrievski has already been signed by Los Che, in what is perceived as them covering for the inevitable departure of Mamardashvili. This does not mean that Valencia will let him go easily, and his asking price is reported to be at least €35-40m.

Bayern Munich was closest to signing Mamardashvili last summer, and second The Uncheckthey reactivated their interest, after asking for details on the goalkeeper's contract and salary demands.

Mamardashvili would prioritize a move to Bayern this summer, but only if he is given assurances about his playing time. Given that the Bundesliga giants still have Manuel Neuer on their books, it is unlikely that the Valencia stopper would receive any guarantees, thus making it difficult for an agreement to be made at this stage.

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