Bundesliga: Jadon Sancho's joyful return to Dortmund shows what Ten Hag and Manchester United stole from him


tthe moment Jadon Sancho I come back to the Borussia Dortmund locker room, a smile returned to his face.

He Manchester United outcast has cut escaped from his enmity with Erik Ten Hagat least until the end of the season, with a loan returns to Germanyconfirmed by a video of BVB Social media accounts from Sancho's first day back.

“Yes, we're back,” Sancho smiled as he entered the well-known dressing room.

Sancho returns home with the team that formed him

From pranks with the team staff to an adorable reunion with Marco Reus, Dortmund captainto grant Sancho the number 10 shirtIt was clear that both parties were happy to be back together.

The Manchester City youth product started out at the German giants. He signed with Dortmund at the age of 17, adding 50 goals and 50 assists in four seasons with the yellow and black. He earned the status of one of the best young players in the world and eventually a Transfer of 93 million dollars to Manchester United.

Escape from miserable Manchester United

Sancho plays in professional clubs unmolested as United beaten by Bayern

Things went wrong for Sancho at United, where he failed to hit the ground running and then had problems with new manager Erik Ten Hag. Sancho spent last year exiled from the team, training alone and rarely participating in games.

Meanwhile, the Red Devils They have suffered inconsistently. They were eliminated from Champions League in the group stage, faced a long goalless streak in December and is in eighth place in the first division in the winter holidays. However, United have the second most defeats (9) in the league of any team outside the relegation zone.

It's only until the end of the season, but his loan to Dortmund has already put him a smile on sancho's facewhich is also a telltale sign of the mess he leaves behind.

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