Chelsea signs young Brazilian promise Estevao Willian 'Messinho'


TOafter endrick and Luis Guilherme, Palmeiras has already transferred its next superstar. Chelsea has reached an agreement with the Brazilian club to acquire the services of Estevao Willianbetter known as 'messinho', in exchange for 34 million euros plus another 27 million euros in variables (according to English media).

The Blues have signed him to a nine-year contract. But, as he is still 17 years old, he will not arrive at Stamford Bridge until 2025. So, as real Madrid has done with endrickwill remain on loan Palmeiras continue growing without pressure.

The truth is that EstevaoThe name, despite still being a child, has been around for many months. Especially after spectacular U-17 World Cup that signed with Brazilwhere he scored three goals and gave three assists in only five games.

Since then, its explosion has been dazzling. He debuted with Palmeiras first team last December at just 16 years old and, little by little, he is making a place for himself in the current Brasileirao champion.

The nickname 'messinho'It's not a coincidence. He is a left-footed full-back who usually plays left-footed with devilish speed, a lot of imagination in one-on-one situations and a catchy quality that is surprising for a boy his age. Not in vain, in the 23 games that he has already played Palmeiras'of the first team, has four goals and three assists in just over 1,000 minutes.

Abel Ferreira He began to give him opportunities little by little. But since he started it against Liverpool in the Copa Libertadores, Estevao He has started seven games in 11 games, which has convinced Chelsea to go all out for Brazilian football's latest talent. “Believe me, this kid is completely different. Estevao It's something I've never seen in my coaching career,” said his current coach.

Last March, endrickThe agent said the Blues were very close to signature him. But they ended up falling asleep and Real Madrid overtook them from the right.

endrickThe signature will serve as a lesson for Chelsea. They were the first to lead the race, but they did not agree on the price. When real Madrid They entered into the negotiation and were willing to pay whatever it took. Palmeiras sought.”

Since then, Chelsea have carried out an intense scouting process in South America with the aim of copying real MadridThe strategy itself. Along the way they have signed Andrey Santos, Angelo Gabriel, Deivid Washington, Kendry Paez… and now Estevao Willianwhich, for now, will continue to simmer in Brazilian football.

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