Joan Laporta is confident that Barcelona's finances are strong


Barcelona president of the club John Laporta reiterated his view of the club being in a strong position.

Laporta has been on the front foot in recent weeks as he seeks to combat criticism of his presidency.

The bag decision Xavi Hernandezhaving previously agreed to keep the former Spanish international, he has divided opinion among Barcelona fans.

Hansi Flick the arrival removed the problem of waiting to bring a successor for Xavi, but Laporta is still in battle, since the transfer market becomes a key problem.

Barcelona are again expected to be asked to sell players before they can buy despite the numerous tax cuts from Laporta.

The activation of the infamous financial levers has helped ease years of financial mismanagement at council level, but there is still work to be done.

Laporta insisted that the club is much stronger than the portrayal of them in the media and will look to finance new signings in the coming weeks.

U Boat brand is strong. We clean the club in the shortest possible time and without jeopardizing the ownership model. “, according to reports from Brand.

“We have saved the club from ruin, we have made a journey through the desert, and we can see the end.

“After a lot of effort, brave and bold decisions, I can say with pride that, after three years, the club is seeing green shoots.”

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