Maheta Molango warns football bosses to protect players: 'The quality of the spectacle is suffering'


Feither Maheta MalongoThe message could not be clearer: soccer is dying, and the organizations in charge of the game are guilty of leading it to its death.

The president of the English Professional Footballers' Association believes there is a serious threat to the beautiful game, with new competitions saturating the calendar and adding more physical stress to the players who already play so many games each year.

Molangowho has been president of the PFA since 2021, also has experience in other football cultures after presiding Real Mallorca as its CEO from 2016 to 2020.


Two weeks ago he participated in an interesting presentation at the Global Soccer Forum awards along with Ferrán Soriano (Manchester City), Karl Heinz Rummenigge, Mikel Arteta and Cesc Fábregas about the future of football.

There, Molango issued a stern warning to football bosses to better protect players or risk the multi-million pound product becoming less entertaining for spectators.

“We are close to a point of no return. For the first time we realize that it is not just a problem of a few privileged players who earn well and play a lot.” Molango saying.

“We have reached a point where people realize that this is starting to affect the quality of what we see on the field. Even the most skeptical fans realize that they want to see their best players and many don't. They can give what they want.

“There is the example of pedri in Spain. “When you reach a certain level, with so much pressure of games in a row, there is a moment when your body doesn't give it, and no matter how much money you win, that doesn't make it easier.”


Where is England going wrong?

The PFA boss also referred to the NFL model, where teams play fewer games but still generate more revenue than English clubs: “We normally look at other models when we are interested. The American model is different, there is no need to compare things that are not entirely comparable, but you realize that in the United States In the NFL, teams play 17 games throughout the season and earn 10 billion in revenue.

“In the Premier League, which I think we all agree that, with the permission of La Liga, is the most important league in the world, football makes 4.2 billion in 38 games. “So we are doing something wrong.”

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