Manchester United icon Nicky Butt banned from driving for 12 months for breaking motorcyclist's leg


Nicky Butt has been banned from driving due to an accident that injured a motorcyclist in 2022.

first manchester united The midfielder learned his fate at Blackburn Magistrates' Court after the incident which left Adam Fielding, 28, with a broken leg.


Butt, who is currently chief executive of Salford City, is now banned from driving for 12 months.Credit: Getty

Butt He was suspended for 12 months and ordered to carry out 100 hours of unpaid work, as well as pay a government surcharge of £140 and costs of £85.

The incident occurred on October 17, 2022 and led to a two-week stay in hospital for Mr Fielding.

The victim had to have metal bars placed in his leg, lost his job, is in constant pain and suffers psychological damage, the court was told.

Butt apologized profusely in a statement read to the court, as he said: “I haven't stopped thinking about the accident and the effect it must have had on you and your family.

“I'm very sorry for the accident. I never set out to hurt anyone that night. What happened was a total accident.

“I checked and checked and checked again. If I could go back and change the events of that trip, I would.

“I hope you can put this accident behind you. I couldn't feel more sorry. I just hope you can take this letter for what it is, sincere.”

John Dye, the attorney representing Butt, said he remained at the scene after the crash, has no prior convictions and has excellent references from his community service.

Butt scored 26 goals in 387 appearances for the Red Devils and won 15 trophies.


Butt scored 26 goals in 387 appearances for the Red Devils and won 15 trophies.

District Judge Alex Preston responded: “I have no doubt that you are deeply sorry for what happened and feel genuine remorse.

“I think the case is serious enough for a community order. It is a probation matter how a community order is handled.

“It does not seem to me that you should be treated as an exceptional case due to your means.

“He has not been able to explain why he did not see the victim on his motorcycle. He should not have left at this intersection.

“This was a serious mistake on their part. All drivers must 'think bike' at junctions.

“However, all parties accept that this chain of events was caused by a momentary lack of concentration on their part.”

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