More reports emerge of Barcelona returning to 1:1 salary cap situation – uncertainty continues


Reports coming out of the Catalan media about Barcelona's financial situation are conflicting, but with just five days to go before the accounts for the 2023-24 season are closed, uncertainty reigns. The Blaugrana are hoping to get back under their salary cap, and thus avoid having restrictions on how much they can spend on signings, but some say it is close.

The last one from MD is that they are close to being able to spend what they bring in this summer, and so it would not be in excess of their salary limit. His information is this Barcelona they are close to selling 15% of Barca Vision that belongs to Libero, and was not paid, and they are also on the point of signing a new long-term sponsorship agreement with Nike. That would in theory allow him to sign without having to make a major sale this summer.

However, the same article also mentions that “other financial experts” say that the club needs to find a way to bring in 60 million euros before the end of the month to compensate for the non-payment of Barca Vision. This Thursday a council meeting is scheduled, and more clarity on the situation could come later.

What is certain is that the Deco Sports Directorate does not seem to be a tender for the players at the moment, which could be circumstantial, but it suggests that some uncertainty remains about the financial situation. At the beginning of the year there was talk of the need to make one or more big sales, but at least publicly, it is a line that has been rejected by the club.

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