Premier League announces change to team news rules for 2024/25 season


Premier League clubs are expected to present their teams 15 minutes earlier in 2024/25 than in previous years.

The rules have previously stipulated that each of the 20 teams must reveal their selections to the public exactly 60 minutes before the start of Premier League matches.


The Premier League team news rule has now been brought into line with the rest of European football.Credit: Getty

However, that rule will now change, and clubs will now be able to name their teams 75 minutes before the match starts.

That means that for any club playing at 3:00 p.m. on a Saturday afternoon, the team sheets will be released to the public at 1:45 p.m.

The decision has been made so that the Premier League is in line with UEFA competitions, which also respect the 75-minute rule.

Although some clubs, in particular real MadridSometimes they choose to release their team's news to the public up to two hours in advance, that is not expected to become the norm.


This is because coaches typically want their team selection to be in the public domain for as little time as possible, due to the possibility of opponents adapting their plans and gaining a competitive advantage.

As it stands, the most recent Premier League rule book states that: “A representative of each participating Club shall submit a team sheet by the method approved by the Board containing the following details: L.23.1. the team numbers jersey and the names of its Players (including substitute Players) who will participate in that League Match; L.23.2 the color of the Strip that will be worn by its Players, including the goalkeeper and L.23.3 Officials who will occupy the coach's bench during. that League Match L.24.

“At least 60 minutes before the time set for the start of a league match, the coach or a senior member of the coaching staff listed in rule L.23.3 of each participating club must attend a briefing with the referee “.

However, the rule book is expected to change when the new manual is published.

It means the Premier League will now be in unison with UEFA competitions


It means the Premier League will now be in unison with UEFA competitionsCredit: Getty

This rule change will come into effect from the first weekend of the new Premier League season.

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