Real Madrid offers a new contract for the transfer, but the deal is much lower than the competitors


Real Madrid striker Joselu Mato He may not have been on the radar of many Saudi Arabian football fans before last summer, but the veteran forward is now wanted as a star addition to the Middle East. Blancos have nine days to activate their €1.5m buyout clause for Joselu, otherwise they will be forced to negotiate with Espanyol.

According to Brand, Joselu was offered a new deal by Los Blancos on a one-year contract, should they agree to an agreement to sign him. The 34-year-old was crucial for Real Madrid this season, he scored 17 times, and Carlo Ancelotti is impatient to recover.

However, he receives tempting financial offers from Saudi Arabia that would blow his farm out of the water, and probably be longer than a year. The player himself is believed to prioritize a stay at Real Madrid, but strange things have happened. As a player who wasn't necessarily among the elite for most of his career, however, he's going to earn at a different level than most of his peers for most of his career.

Losing Joselu would not be a disaster for Real Madrid, but it would deprive them of a string to their bow. Most of the attackers who currently prefer to come towards the ball or look for space where they can run to the defenders. The value of an orthodox target man has been proven on several occasions this season, with more than half of Jude Bellingham's league goals coming with Joselu on the pitch.

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