Real Madrid star Kylian Mbappe turns political – urges youth in France to vote against far-right


Real Madrid striker Kylian Mbappe has become a matter of state in France, hence relations with French President Emmanuel Macron over the years, with the latter having a role in Mbappe's decision to refuse . Real Madrid two years ago. Now Mbappe has urged French voters to vote against his fiercest political rival, and the leader of France's far-right, Marine Le Pen.

An early election has been called in France after Macron's centrist alliance was defeated by the far right, and the French will go to the polls on June 30 and July 7. The striker of France and Inter, Marcus Thuram, expressed that he will vote against Le Pen and the right, and when asked about the matter, Mbappé supported him.

“I share the values ​​of Marcus, for me it has not gone far. It is freedom of expression and I align with it,” he explained, as quoted by Brand.

Mbappe said Les Bleus had a role to play in the country's future, starting with their clash against Austria on Monday night. He too would vote against Le Pen.

“I am against the extremes, those who divide. There are young people who abstain and I want to send them this message. Their voice changes things. I want to be proud to defend a country that represents my values. This is more important than the game tomorrow because the situation in the country is different. I believe in the values ​​of diversity, tolerance and respect.”

Few footballers dare to put their heads above the parapet and engage in politics, and understandably so given the abuse and potential financial costs involved, as sponsors are likely to drop athletes who do not fit their imagine That being said, Mbappe has enough weight to punch with confidence, and he doesn't express a radical vision either.

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