Roy Keane was awkwardly asked to name a Manchester United player he doesn't like; he gets it right on just two attempts


Naming the players Roy Keane didn't get on with is probably a very, very long list.

But there are some names that stand out to him. In a contest with Gary Neville, he only needed two attempts to name one in particular.


Keane didn't need much guesswork to name the player he didn't like.Credit: X

Keane fought with several people in Manchester Unitedincluding the manager Mr Alex Ferguson at the end of his time at Old Trafford.

Several of his teammates were also there, as well as opponents.

The former Republic of Ireland midfielder was playing a quick contest with Neville, for The overlapto see if they could name some of their former teammates.

Neville had to make Keane guess Teddy Sheringham and his first clue was, “You didn't like him.”

And he quickly added: “It could be anyone. My God, I have a list!”

To which Keane replied: “No, you shouldn't say I didn't like him.”

Then he said: “Jordi (Cruyff)? Teddy (Sheringham)?”

After discovering he had gotten it right after his second attempt, Keane added: “No, that's wrong, I didn't care about Teddy.

Sheringham and Keane did not speak to each other for more than three years.


Sheringham and Keane did not speak to each other for more than three years.Credit: GETTY

“I didn't get along with him. We had an argument. It's just working out.”

The whole time Neville sat there hysterical.

Keane and Sheringham did not speak to each other for more than three years after a row in the Manchester United dressing room.

It all came down to a goal conceded during Sheringham's first season at Old Trafford and tensions boiled over.

Ian Wright makes a joke about Manchester United fans as Roy Keane is seen wearing an Arsenal shirt

Sheringham said: “We had a row, Keaney turned around and said, 'Why don't you go f***ing back to London with your f***ing Ferrari and your penthouse?'

“And he turned around and grabbed my tie and everyone jumped up and stopped him, saying, 'What's going on, what's going on?'

“He didn't say a word to me. He didn't say a word to me for the next three and a half years.”

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