The Barcelona association withdraws from the agreement to put the division of the club in the American stock exchange


Last year, it was announced that Barcelona would try to sell shares in its digital media division on the American NASDAQ stock exchange, some saying it was a further step towards the sale of the club's assets. However, his partners in that deal gave up.

As originally reported by La Vanguardia, and later carried by AS Diary, Barcelona does not sell shares in Barca Media (formerly known as Barca Studios), which is the division that manages the distribution of audiovisual content around the globe. One of the subdivisions of Barca Media is Barca Vision, which Barcelona continues to struggle to find investors to pay.

Barcelona had intended to float shares in Barca Media to a total value of one billion euros, to strengthen the club's finances in the short term. However, his partners, Mountain Ventures, had informed the US regulator that they were struggling to find the right formula to incorporate the company into the stock exchange, despite the formation of a special acquisition company. They have since pulled out of the deal.

The same report states that the current value of Barca Vision is much less than the beginning declared, while the president Joan Laporta wanted to float the stocks at € 400m and grow them to a billion euros.

This is the latest in a series of moves that have been questioned in recent months, beyond the economic levers that Laporta initially carried out. The Espai Barca project and the Camp Nou renovations have already changed plans to prioritize the cheaper options. The current collection of capital in Barcelona is clearly not too easy.

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