The La Liga star reveals that the Brazilian national team asked him to cut his hair


Girona is Manchester City star Yan Couto enjoyed a scintillating season in Northern Catalonia, scoring 10 assists, the most for Michel Sanchez's side. A big part of that has been his flare and technique on the outside, but he has been asked by Brazil to keep the flare on the pitch.

Couto earned his first call-ups to the Brazilian team this season, and was also included in their Copa America squad. Since arriving at the Brazil camp, he has cut his hair bright pink. He revealed to Brand that wasn't just a choice.

“It was a request, basically. They told me that pink is kind of a joke. I don't see it that way, but I respect it. They asked me and I did it,” he explained.

“It was a thing for Girona, many people dyed their hair, it became a fashion (…) Here in the national team I am the Yan with black hair. Nothing changes, I continue to be the same person.”

Brazil have a veteran manager in Dorival Junior at the helm, but it certainly hasn't been fashionable lately to dictate fashion choices to players. Certainly, Couto does not have the status of a star for the Selecao, and if he had a few dozen more caps, he might find that he is able to style his hair as he likes – Neymar Junior does not he has no shortage of risky haircuts over the years.

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