There’s no urgency at Real Madrid, the problem lies with Mbappe


The saga surrounding Kylian Mbappe‘s future continues to unravel, with the latest developments suggesting a growing disinterest from Real Madrid, a club once deemed his likely destination.

The narrative around Mbappe, a saga that has been ongoing since 2017, is increasingly perceived as tiresome, not just by Paris Saint-Germain but also by Real Madrid.

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Mbappe, renowned for his on-field prowess, seems to enjoy being the center of footballing attention. However, his recent comments about longing for anonymity juxtapose sharply with his actions, which often place him in the limelight.

PSG, as well as Real Madrid, appear weary of this discourse. The speculation of a move to Madrid, which was rife last summer, now seems distant, with neither club making definitive moves.

In the summer of 2023, neither did PSG sell Mbappe as Nasser Al-Khelaifi had hinted, nor did Real Madrid pursue the signing they had previously yearned for. Mbappe, maintaining his stance from 2022, refused to renew his contract, aiming to dominate negotiations.

However, his credibility has been called into question due to his past actions, which have demonstrated a chameleon-like ability to adapt his narrative.

No offer past or present

From Real Madrid‘s perspective, their approach has markedly changed since 2022. There is no urgency or active pursuit of Mbappe. The club exudes contentment and harmony, a stark contrast to the uncertainty surrounding Mbappe’s future.

The rumored offer involving a 130 million signing bonus and a 35 million salary now belongs to a bygone era. Real Madrid’s strategy has evolved, and they seem to have moved past Mbappe.

The focus at Real Madrid is on fostering the current squad’s harmony and working dynamics.

The potential disruption that Mbappe’s presence could bring seems to be a risk the club is not eager to take. There are no deadlines or pressures from Madrid’s side concerning Mbappe’s situation.

Real Madrid’s current transfer plans involve other targets, such as the recently secured Endrick and the pursuit of Alphonso Davies. In contrast, Mbappe‘s situation is viewed more as a tiring soap opera than a strategic necessity.

The narrative from Paris remains contradictory, and Real Madrid anticipate that Mbappe’s decision could extend to the late spring or early summer.

However, for Real Madrid, led by Carlo Ancelotti and Florentino Perez, the focus is clear: strategy and squad harmony take precedence over the pursuit of Mbappe.

The once fervent chase for Kylian Mbappe by Real Madrid has cooled, replaced by a focus on team chemistry and strategic signings.

As Mbappe‘s future continues to hang in the balance, Real Madrid moves forward, undeterred and unpressured, content with their current trajectory and unswayed by the ongoing Mbappe saga.

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