Tottenham issues a statement following Rodrigo Bentancur's apology to Heung-min Son


Tottenham have announced they will provide more education to all players after a racial slur from Rodrigo Bentancur.

He Uruguayan commented that 'everyone looks the same' when talking about teammates Son Heung-minsomething he has since apologized for.


The son has accepted Bentancur's apologyCredit: AFP

“Son brother,” he wrote on Instagram. “I apologize for what happened, it was simply a joke in very bad taste.

“You know I love you and I would never disrespect or hurt you or anyone else! I love you, brother!”

Son has since responded on social media, writing: “I have spoken to Lolo. He made a mistake, he knows it and he apologized.

“Lolo would never say anything offensive. We are brothers and nothing has changed at all.

“We have already overcome this, we are united and we will be together again in the preseason to fight for our club as one.”

The comments were made while Bentancur appeared on the Channel 10 program Por La Camisa, prior to the America Cup.

In response to the players' interactions on social media, the Spurs said in a statement: “Following a comment from Rodrigo Bentancur In a video clip of an interview and in the player's subsequent public apology, the club has helped achieve a positive outcome in the matter.

“This will include increased education for all stakeholders in line with our diversity, equality and inclusion goals.

Son is the captain of Tottenham and one of the biggest stars in Asian football.


Son is the captain of Tottenham and one of the biggest stars in Asian football.Credit: Getty

“We fully support that our captain Sonny feels he can put an end to the incident and the team can focus on the new season ahead.

“We are extremely proud of our diverse global fan base and gaming teams. Discrimination of any kind has no place in our Club, within our game or in society in general.”

Anti-discrimination charity Kick It Out has also commented on the matter.

“Kick It Out has received a significant number of complaints about Rodrigo Bentancur's comments,” they said.

“These reports have already been sent to the club and the relevant authorities.

“It highlights a broader issue seriously affecting East Asia and broader communities. We will look to address these broader issues in the upcoming season.”

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