Which clubs and leagues have rejected Real Madrid and Barcelona from the European Super League?


manchester unitedBayern Munich, PSG and Borussia Dortmund have been the first European football teams to take a position on the CJEU ruling.

Both the British and German teams have opposed the creation of a Super Leaguedespite many Premier League clubs being founding members of the original idea.

The European Club Association reiterates its opposition to a European Super LeagueAP

The Premier League issues a brutal rejection of the Super League project

After Thursday's ruling, the Premier League made its position clear on the matter, completely rejecting the new competition format which, as of Thursday, has the green light to go ahead.

“The Premier League takes note of today's ruling in the European Court of Justice case involving the European Superleague Company, FIFA and UEFA. This is an important ruling and we will now examine in depth its implications for the game.

The ruling does not endorse the so-called “European Super League” and the Premier League continues to reject any concept of that type. Fans are vitally important to the game and have time and again made clear their opposition to a “separate” competition that severs the link between domestic and European football.

“The Premier League reiterates its commitment to the clear principles of open competition that underpin the success of domestic and international club competitions.”

“Football thrives on the competitiveness created by promotion and relegation, the annual merit-based ranking from national leagues and cups to international club competitions and the long-standing rivalries and rituals that come with the weekends set aside for national football”.

Ligue 1 remains strong

He does so in the words of the president of the competition. Vincent Labroure has issued a statement.

“The LFP unequivocally supports the competitions organized by UEFA. Nothing can replace the legitimacy, credibility and prestige of European competitions as they have been organized for more than 60 years.”

Atlético de Madrid is against the European Super League

Atletico MadridAfter analyzing the ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union, he wants to point out the following:

“The European football family does not want the European Super League. Germany, France, England, Italy, Spain (except for real Madrid and Barcelona), etc. They don't want the Super League. “We are in favor of protecting the great family of European football, protecting the national leagues and, through them, qualifying on the pitch for European competitions every season.”

Furthermore, in this week's EA Sports LaLiga matches, the rest of the teams have agreed to wear shirts to demonstrate the Spanish league's discontent with the European Super League.

Manchester United has changed its position

Despite the infamous Glazer His family being one of the early supporters and key “brains” behind the original idea of ​​the European Super League, in an example of quite stupendous cowardice, they have made it clear manchester united does not support the idea after December 2023.

Although their word has little weight among their followers, they felt the need to issue a statement, reiterating their position.

manchester united has issued the following statement in reaction to today's ruling by the European Court of Justice on the European Super League,” the statement reads.

“Our position has not changed. We remain fully committed to participation in UEFA competitions and to positive cooperation with UEFA, the Premier League and other clubs through the ECA for the continued development of European football.”

Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund opposed the idea from the beginning

“We have taken note of the ruling of the European Court of Justice. However, this does not change the position of FC Bayern and the ECA that such a competition would be an attack on the importance of national leagues and the structure of football. European”. explained Bayern MunichThe general director of, Jan Christian Dreesen.

“The Bundesliga is the basis of FC Bayern, like all national leagues are the basis of other European football clubs. Therefore, it is our duty and our deep conviction to strengthen them, not weaken them.

“We are also committed to European club competitions under the UEFA umbrella. So let me make it very clear once again that the door to the Super League remains closed in FC Bayern.

Borussia Dortmund CEO, Hans-Joachim Watzkehad a much more concise rejection of the ruling.

“We are not available for the Super League” watzke declared in a statement.

Paris Saint-Germain is also out

Paris Saint Germain “It categorically rejects any plan for the so-called Super League, a position that we have maintained since day one and that we will always maintain,” said the president of the Parisian club.

“As a proud European institution, PSG It defends the principles of the European sports model, the values ​​of open competition and inclusion. “The club collaborates with all recognized stakeholders in European football, especially the fans and players, who are the heart of the sport.”

Roma will not join the European Super League

“Following the ruling handed down today by the ECJ in the ESL case, Rome reiterates its position of commitment to the values ​​and future of European football,” the Giallorossi team said in an official statement.

“The Club does not support in any way any project of the so-called Super League that would represent an unacceptable attack on the importance of the national leagues and the foundations of European football.

Rome “He believes that the future well-being of European football can only be guaranteed if clubs work together through the ECA in strong partnership and collaboration with UEFA and FIFA.”

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