Barcelona expects UEFA compensation for Pedri's injury


UEFA will be required to pay compensation Barcelona after an injury at Euro 2024 Pedri.

Ahead of Spain's Euro 2024 semi-final with France on July 9, Pedri confirmed that he will stay with the team, but will not play any more part in the tournament.

He was forced off in the first leg of Spain's 2-1 quarter-final win over hosts Germany with a now-confirmed knee sprain.

Toni Kroos has since apologized for the tackle that injured Pedri and the Barcelona star is concentrating on his recovery.

It is estimated that he will be out for around 4-6 weeks and could miss the start of the 2024/25 season at Barcelona.

However, there is positive news for his club, with UEFA ordered to pay to cover his absence.

If a player is sidelined for more than 28 days of action, UEFA is required to step in, with a maximum payout of €7.5 million for long-term injuries.

The final figure is based on the number of days left, in the case of Pedri from August 2, at €20,500 a day, which could end up at around €300,000.

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