FIFA accepts that Real Madrid and Barcelona can play LaLiga matches in Miami


the USA' Influence in the world of football continues to grow as FIFA has ruled that LaLiga real Madrid and Barcelona He can play league games in Miami, Florida, with the World Cup on the horizon in 2026, and the Premier League might not be far behind.

It is a total change in the panorama of the leagues of each European country, since the FIFA Council has approved it starting next season. Some games can be played beyond their borders.

Something that FIFA had previously prohibited, the football employers' association has been relaxing little by little as demonstrated by the Spanish Super Cup, which was played outside the European country in 2020, 2022, 2023 and 2024 heading to Saudi Arabia.

Juan Infantino and its directors have now opened the door for LaLiga or the Premier League to play matches in other countries, but just a few years ago, the leaders of FIFA and Javier Tebas They disagreed for this reason.

LaLiga had even scheduled a LaLiga match in Miami between Barcelona and Girona, but faced with the threat of sanction from FIFA and the opposition of many Spanish teams, the president of the Spanish league had to admit, since the rules were clear, that a national match The league had to be held, at all times, within the country of origin.

However, all signs point to the fact that There will soon be a LaLiga match in Miami in which Tebas fulfills his ambition.

LaLiga may not be the only major European league to do this

Playing in Miami, which percentage-wise has the largest number of Spanish speakers of any American city, is something that could become a reality once it receives the green light from FIFA and the English Premier League is also following closely.

The top flight of British football is also studying the idea of ​​making Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool and many more are heading abroadbut with a very ambitious plan to enjoy matches in the United States, Brazil, Indonesia or India.

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