'It's enough?' – Arsenal legend Thierry Henry trolled referee after iconic Premier League goal


Thierry Henry didn't just humiliate his opponents during his Arsenal career – Premier League referees were also at risk.

He gunners The legend dazzled during his first spell in England between 1999 and 2007, winning two top-flight titles and scoring 174 goals in the process.


Arsenal legend Henry is one of the greats of the game.Credit: Getty

From solo runs, expert volleys and his trademark curling finish, the 1998 World Cup winner could do it all.

And he was also a set-piece specialist: he found the back of the net from free kicks on 12 occasions in the Premier League.

He also became known for catching the opponent's barrier and the goalkeeper, quickly taking them and putting the ball home.

Aston Villa and Chelsea He was a victim of his quick thinking in the 2003/04 and 2004/05 seasons respectively, the latter of which was managed by Graham Poll.


The next term, Enrique He tried the trick again at newly promoted Wigan, only to be denied by Poll from 30 yards.

In an interview with James Maddison For Puma Football in 2020, Henry revealed how Poll stopped him for fear of being criticized for allowing it to happen again, which ultimately led to the complainant being trolled moments later.

Henry recalled: “The Wigan goalkeeper (Chris Kirkland) was at his post so I put the ball down and said, 'Referee, I don't want to wait.'

“The referee stood in front of the ball and said, 'No, Thierry,' so I said, 'What?' And he said, 'There was too much discussion about you taking quick free kicks, so you have to wait.'

Henry was denied a quick free-kick by referee Graham Poll against Wigan in 2005.


Henry was denied a quick free-kick by referee Graham Poll against Wigan in 2005.
Arsenal icon Henry stepped forward to take the free kick, where he fired home from 30 yards.


Arsenal icon Henry stepped forward to take the free kick, where he fired home from 30 yards.
He turned to Poll and said:


He turned to Poll and said: “Is that enough?” in what is an iconic Premier League moment.

“I was furious, so I said, 'What do you mean? That's the rule!'

after waiting kirkland To set up his barrier, Henry proceeded to blast the ball in from the left post for what turned out to be Arsenal's winning goal in a thrilling 3-2 victory.

Dora the Explorer brutally trolls Thiery Henry and also mocks Jamie Carragher's pronunciation during the Champions League final show.

In a now iconic Premier League moment, Henry immediately turned towards Poll, where he could be seen saying: “Is that enough?”, directly to the referee.

It perfectly encapsulated exactly what Henry did: having the chutzpah to back up his sheer brilliance.

Explaining to Maddison why he did it, Henry said: “That's why when I scored, I said, 'Is that enough? Did I wait long enough?'

“That's the story, and then people were like, 'Oh my God, look what he said.'”

In a column Henry wrote for the Sun In 2017, he stated that there were no hard feelings on Poll's part, as he stated: “He saw the funny side and we laughed.

“I liked having a referee you could have a little fun with. Mind you, I was lucky to have scored or I could have said something else.”

Poll himself made reference to the incident when writing for the daily mail in 2014, where he praised his world-class skill.

He commented: “The best centre-forward to ever play in the Premier League, perhaps as much for his speed of thought as his pace on the pitch.

“I remember allowing the Frenchman to take a quick free kick against Chelsea that went straight into the unprotected corner of the net; he saw the opportunity and asked for permission, which I gave him.

“Two years later I made him wait for the wall to come back to Wigan and after I blew the whistle he simply lifted the ball over the wall and curled it into the top left corner to score a wonderful goal.”

Henry never scored a quick free kick again in the Premier League, but his memorable goal against Wigan was more than enough.

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