Javier Tebas on Barcelona signing unrestricted this summer – “I don't see it difficult”


Barcelona is currently working to return to the 1:1 rule of the League, which would allow them to sign without financial restrictions. They still need to raise funds before the start of the transfer window, but compared to recent years, the situation is much more promising.

This is the opinion taken by the president of the League, Javier Tebas, who spoke about the situation of Barcelona during his presence at the LaLiga FC Futures event in Vila-Real. He admitted that the Catalan giants are closer to achieving their financial goals, as per AS Diary.

“It will depend on some problems that they have to solve. They tell us that they are doing well. They know what they have to offer. I hope, I want and I believe that Barcelona will enter the normal 1:1 this summer. I don't see it as difficult as they've had it in recent years.”

It is imperative to Barcelona to sort out their finances in the coming weeks, especially considering it's Hansi Flick's first transfer window as manager. He will be keen to sign the players he needs to challenge Real Madrid next season.

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