Manchester City launches a lawsuit against the Premier League that could provoke a “civil war” between the clubs


Manchester City have initiated legal action against the Premier League for alleged 'discrimination' against the club's ownership.

The unprecedented move could spark a “civil war” between Premier League clubs, the Times reports, and City's lawsuit for damages “could dramatically alter the landscape of the professional game.”


Manchester City has launched unprecedented legal action against the Premier LeagueCredit: Getty

According The timesThe Premier League champions are pushing for associated party transaction (APT) rules, which they consider “illegal”, to be scrapped.

The rules were introduced following Saudi Arabia's acquisition of Newcastle in 2021 and are designed to maintain competitiveness in the Premier League.

It helps prevent clubs from inflating commercial agreements with companies linked to the club's owners. Any deal should be independently evaluated to determine whether it is within fair market value.

City see the rules, which were voted on by rival clubs, as an attempt to suppress their success after falling victim to “discrimination” under league rules passed by a “tyranny of the majority.”

A two-week arbitration hearing will begin next week with the other 19 Premier League clubs invited to take part in the legal action.

So far, up to 12 clubs have agreed to participate and will provide witness statements or a letter in support of the Premier League's defense.

If City are successful with their claim, it will allow them and the other wealthy Premier League clubs to enter into sponsorship deals without an independent assessment.

This would increase the amount of money they can raise, which would lead to a larger transfer budget to strengthen their squads.

Abu Dhabi-based Manchester City owners seek end to rules on transactions with associated parties


Abu Dhabi-based Manchester City owners seek end to rules on transactions with associated partiesCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The report claims some rivals already fear City's claim will be successful, which would have huge overtones for its alleged 115 outstanding charges with Abu Dhabi-based companies linked to deals with the club.

The hearing on his 115 charges is independent of this lawsuit and will begin in November.

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