Real Madrid star Toni Kroos on Saudi Arabia – 'I couldn't see myself playing there, much less living'


Real Madrid star Toni Kroos he never seemed likely to get a payday Saudi Arabia, and his open criticism of his human rights abuses made it even less likely. This did not miss the abuse when the Blancos participated in the Spanish Supercup this season, with every touch that was whistled, but he showed no sign of softening his position.

Speaking to Chain SERKroos explained that in a certain level he had the role of the heel, and therefore he was instrumental in the victory of Real Madrid over Atletico Madrid and Barcelona.

“They love me a little less here. Will I miss the whistles? I like them a little too (laughs). No no. What I will miss is football, the game. I always said that I wanted to finish my career at this club. I know happy to do.”

When former Celta Vigo starlet Gabri Veiga made a €35 million switch to Al-Ahli, Kroos commented under a post he called embarrassing. However, the abuse didn't fool him either.

“It did not bother me at all. Everyone has their opinion and my opinion has not changed. For me it is not a country where I see myself playing for various reasons that I have already explained before. Neither play nor live. A lot less less less (laughs).

Kroos announced his upcoming retirement on his podcast Einfach mal Luppen, and he has never been afraid to express opinions. The 34-year-old doesn't have a reputation for stirring up controversy, but he's comfortable standing behind his ideas.

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