Robert Lewandowski to earn over €100m gross from Barcelona if he completes four-year deal


Barcelona ahead Robert Lewandowski He again denied that he will go anywhere this summer, amid reports that the Catalan side could try to move on next season. Even if he were to receive an offer from Saudi Arabia, it might not be as much of a gap as might be expected.

It was widely reported that Lewandowski agreed to a three-year deal with a salary increase, and an option for a fourth when he signed from Bayern Munich. The last season will be automatically extended if he plays 50% of the minutes that is available for the next year.

Now Bar Canaletes they revealed the figures involved. During his first season, Lewandowski earned €20 million gross (€10 million net), which rose to €26 million this year, and will rise again to €32 million in next season The last year of his deal will cost Barcelona 26 million euros.

If this is indeed the case, then it will make the total amount of his prospective deal a whopping €104m for Lewandowski's final years at the highest level, between the ages of 33 and 37. The Polish striker has stated that he feels as if he could play at least two more years at the highest level, but without resale value, he takes the total cost of more than 150 million euros, including his transfer fee.

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