Simon Jordan would expel Manchester City from the Premier League for 'abhorrent harassment' in legal case


If it were up to Simon Jordan, Manchester City would be expelled from the Premier League.

The former Crystal Palace owner on talkSPORT host responded on the day a two-week arbitration hearing over the challenge made by the city against the highest category associated party transactions (APT) rules.


City goes to court after suing the Premier LeagueCredit: Getty Images – Getty

The case could well have an impact on the The 115 Premier League charges against City for alleged violations of financial regulations.

A hearing is scheduled for that case in November, but Jordan sees this precursor as bullying and criticized his behavior as abhorrent.

Speaking about White and Jordan, he began: “Look at what is being done here and the reason why it is being done. I am not resisting globalization, I am not resisting change, I am looking at the principles of the country in which you are operating.

“You are in the English Premier League, not the other way around, you joined this club, my default setting is, why don't you go to a Super League Where do you really want to play?

“You don't sue the league you play in or the other clubs. They do what they want and that's how they operate. It's one thing to be caught cheating and another to intimidate the director when you're caught.

“I think it is a scandalous way to behave and this is what happens when you let the foxes into the henhouse. This is what happens when you let nation states and hedge funds get away with it.

“I think it's bullying and it shows them as the demagogues that they are and I think it has nothing to do with football.

“Manchester City fans can jump up and tell us it's all a matter of bias, but that's not the way it operates.”

Jordan believes City owners' behavior is bullying


Jordan believes City owners' behavior is bullying

It emerged that the city had initiated legal action against the league on June 5 about APT rules that were implemented after the Saudi-backed takeover of Newcastle in 2021.

City see the rules, which were voted on by rival clubs, as an attempt to suppress their success after falling victim to “discrimination” under league rules passed by a “tyranny of the majority.”

Mark Goldbridge believes Manchester City should be harshly punished for their 115 charges if found guilty and believes relegation to League Two would be the only answer.

In response to that statement, Jordan said: “It almost blows your mind when they say phrases like 'tyranny of the majority' is a democracy, what would you rather than 'tyranny of the minority' where one person dictates the government? nature of the beast?

“The way to change things is by campaigning, voting and using the democratic process. You don't sue people. That shows that you don't care about football, you care about yourself.

“This is not about sport, it never has been. This is about changing our society and that is why states are not allowed to buy national newspapers in this country because of the influence they would have and the direction of travel they would take.

“It is wrong, it is morally wrong. I know you can't do this, but if I were in the Premier League I would look to send them off. I think his behavior is absolutely reprehensible.

“I don't think it can be done and I don't think the Premier League rules legislate for that, but I see it that way, I think his behavior is abhorrent.”

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