The Spanish Court partially decides in favor of the Superleague in a monopoly case with UEFA and FIFA


A Madrid court was partially in favor of the super league, stating that UEFA and FIFA have acted against the right to free market competition. However, those against the Superleague say the decision has little material effect.

The Madrid sentence follows the sentence of the European Court of Justice, which Uefa and FIFA was not legally allowed to punish teams for creating a different competition. The same decision was given by the Spanish court, and both UEFA and FIFA were ordered to stop any such measures that harm the teams trying to create a new competition.

However, the court considered that the Superleague had been “abandoned” by its investors, and was no longer composed of the project that had been initiated. This was indicated by the president of the League Javier Tebas, who has been the most vocal critic of the Superleague, and stated that it “doesn't add anything significant”. The decision is open to appeal.

Real Madrid and Barcelona remain the only teams in the Superleague, which is now organized by A22. Despite the widespread interest after the presentation of their new format, only Napoli have expressed a public interest in the project.

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