Pep Guardiola wears an exclusive watch valued at 1.4 million dollars for the Champions League match against Real Madrid


pep guardiola is one of the lucky few on the planet who can wear one of Richard Mille's most exclusive watches after being seen wearing it against real Madrid on Tuesday.

He Manchester City manager was seen wearing the 27-01 watch, a special edition watch designed by the brand as a tribute to the Spanish tennis icon. Rafael Nadal.

Only 50 units were produced worldwide and Guardiolaone of the highest-paid football coaches in the world, he is one of the few known owners.

Its price is as special as its appearance, with a value of 1.4 million dollars (1.3 million)and even for some of the richest celebrities, it's not accessible to everyone.

Energy wore the stunning Richard Mille wristwatch during Manchester City's Champions League quarter-final first leg, which ended in a Exciting 3-3 draw at the Santiago Bernabéu.

In addition to its spectacular design, the Catalan coach's jewel includes the characteristic of being the lightest mechanical watch in the world. It was one of the clear objectives of those responsible for the firm, which was founded by the Frenchman Richard Mille in 2001.

The French businessman has made technology and innovation the center of his flagship brand and has transferred these ideas to his impressive watches. The weight Guardiola wore against Real Madrid is 18.83g.

As the brand points out, that includes the strap and it achieves this by using materials such as grade five titanium, aluminum and lithium to join the pieces. Richard Mille 27-01.

The unbreakable watch

He Richard Mille 27-01 It is a masterpiece of horology, as its manufacturers claim that it is built to withstand acceleration greater than 5000G.

Its design is as delicate as it is sophisticated, based on meticulously assembled tension cables. Adjusting the tension, which cannot be too tight or too tight, could damage the mechanism or prevent it from working properly.

The watch was listed for $860,000 (US$800,000), but over time it has almost doubled in value. The fact that sports professionals such as Nadal and Guardiola Its use makes this piece, the maximum representation of the most avant-garde watchmaking, even more exclusive.

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