Laurens criticizes Mauricio Pochettino's lack of progress |


Laurens criticizes Mauricio Pochettino's lack of progress

ESPN pundit Julien Laurens has not held back in his post-match comments about Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino after the Blues beat Preston North End 4-0 in the FA Cup.

Despite the scoreline, the match was certainly not that clear cut as Preston gave Chelsea some real problems in the first half.

They probably came out at half-time as the slightly better team and would have been unfortunate not to be ahead.

But Chelsea came out in the second half like a different beast and took control of the game and got the job done.

But Laurens was not impressed with the way they played, and he is also not impressed by Chelsea under Pochettino at all this season so far.

The journalist says that he has not seen any improvement in Chelsea under Pochettino this season and, as quoted by The Byline, goes into detail about what he does not see in Chelsea's game this season.

Laurens says: “No one can tell me this team is getting better! “I don’t see any improvement week after week, game after game.”

Laurens also closed the statements about Pochettino, hiding behind the excuse of 'time': “But until when? We are now in January 2024, he has been here since July 1st. I want to see something. The first half, literally, you and I (list ESPNFC experts) and Freddie and Kate could have played because there was no movement, no one was doing anything and the ball was clearly fair, well, let's try to find Sterling somehow, maybe we wait. a Palmer run… The full-backs don't really participate in anything. Those attacking midfielders don’t do much either.”

He also jumped to Mykhailo Mudryk's defense: “They never used him (Mudryk), they never used his pace or his skills and I just don't understand where they're going.”

On the lack of tactical integration: “I don't see patterns of play, I don't see finding the third man, I don't see anyone running into space. “I don't really see much.”

And about Enzo: We return to the lack of movement and the lack of identity of this team, if you give the ball to Enzo but there is no movement around him, neither from your full-backs nor from your wide players, not even from your future forward . a little deeper between the lines, Enzo can't do anything. He is very good with the ball but he is not a magician either.”

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